2 Eksen Joystick JH-D202X-R2 Pot Monitor Keyboard Kontrol



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JH-D202X-R2     2 Eksen Joystick


Joystick Potentiometer JH-D202X-R2/R4 5K 10K ohm 2-axis Sealed PTZ



  • Color: Black

  • Resditance Value: Standard 5KΩ

  • Resditance Tolerance: ±20%

  • Independent Linearity: ±1%

  • Resolution: Essentially Infinite

  • Temperature Coefficient Resistance: ±400 ppm/°C

  • Outpoot Smoothness: 0.5% maximum

  • X& Y Axis Electricity Corner: ±25°

  • Z Axis Electricity Corner: ±45°

  • R300Z Axis Potentiometer, R400Z Axis Potentiometer And Button Switch Lead: AWG28 Color Coded, Silver Plated, PTFE inslatedlead wires standard length 100mm other lengths on request.

  • Insulation Resistance: 50MΩ @ 500VDC, 60 sec.



  • Operate Torque: X& Y axis 90gf and 250gf, Z axis 330gf.

  • Restoration Error Rate: ±0.03KΩ

  • Prolepsis Mechanical Lifecycle: 500,000 cycle

  • Operating Temperature Range: -10~ 80°C


  •  Move photography and television control system

  •  Curative imaging system

  •  Film frequency compile and produce equipment

  •  Automatization machine control

  •  Instruments for industrial and scientific

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